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Best Children's Book Writers For Hire At Book Authors Hub

Whether you’re a children’s book writer looking for an illustrator to draw your story, or an illustrator searching for a specialized book authors hub to give words to your pictures, we take care of all your children’s book writing needs. Our writers methodically write a captivating book keeping in mind all possible room for illustrations, which are then communicated to our versatile illustrators who study the book thoroughly and fashion ravishing drawings for the content. Cover designs are also produced in harmony with the illustrations. After being edited, formatted and fine-tuned for publishing, a complete product is released to the world. Do you want to jump from concept to final book publishing without hassle? Hire a children’s picture book book authors hub by connecting with us right away.


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We are proud to have our juvenile literature frequently recognized and recommended by the mainstream media and the society of children’s book writers worldwide.

Unparalleled Mid Level Children’s Book Writers

We don’t just write middle-grade storybooks and young adult novels,we cast spells with our words.

Stir magic in your books. Hire us today!

Proficient Children’s Book Writers

Children are a valuable asset to society. We consider it an important duty upon ourselves to be able to serve the purpose of building our future’s foundation. That is why book authors hub house dedicated children’s book illustrators for hire who work ambitiously to design drawings that captivate young readers’ imaginations and invoke creativity in them.

Top-notch illustrations are complemented by equal quality of prose that is distinctively tuned for its targeted age group. Our writers are well-versed in child psychology and experienced in children’s

literature to be able to hatch impactful plots and ideas, and concoct out of those stories lifelong lessons that are long-remembered by the readers.

In our department of diligent children’s book Book Authors Hub, it is taken as a challenge to write lovable and relatable characters, unique locations, relevant themes and meaningful morals, while keeping the book simple enough for the respective age group.

These qualities in our gifted writers enable us to provide premium services and guaranteed sales for books of all categories and genres in children’s literature.

Process Of Children's Books Writing

Step 01


Reserve your spot by filling a simple brief form, and be instantly welcomed by one of our cordial project managers who will take in all the information you have to share about your book.

Step 02

Research &
Outline Draft

According to the skills required for your book, the best candidates are selected, who thoroughly study the concept from available information. An outline for the book is sent your way for approval.

Step 03

First Chapter

The writer then begins writing the book with a captivating opener that will hopefully teach children something of value through entertainment. If the author is satisfied with the first chapter, the book is continued according to the previously approved outline. Every single chapter is sent for approval in the same way.

Step 04

Editing &

We edit the draft in tandem with the writing process. Once written, our editors peruse the whole draft multiple times for a critical review, proofreading and corrections.

Step 05

Formatting, Typesetting
& Designing

Once you approve the entire manuscript, we format it to publishing standards, give it a professional look with fonts, and add some colors to it with illustrations that delight children and entice their imaginations.

Step 06

Publishing &

After the book’s final version with text and illustrations together is approved, we publish your book following the format you select from all the available options in the market, and execute a custom promotional strategy.

Searching For The Professional Children's Book Writers?

Discover expert children's book writers at Book Authors Hub.

Find professional storytellers for captivating and engaging kids' literature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Children’s books are different in nature, so much so that they can be considered a separate genre. They are designed to steer clear from complex ideas, heavy emotions and adult problems. They employ simple language and plot, include lots of illustrations, and are shorter in length as compared to adult books. The goal of writing a children’s book is usually to teach young readers about the important values of life through fun and play.

Know your audience first and foremost. Children’s books vary significantly by age group. If your story idea is longer than a couple of thousand words and has the potential for immersive worldbuilding, then you may not want to create a picture book on it. On the other hand, if you have a light-hearted and simple concept, you may find it difficult to stretch it out into descriptive chapters.

Select the right audience according to your book concept, and then survey the competition. You will find out essential information that will help you write a more refined book, and give you a sense of the results you want to create.

The actual income of children’s picture book authors is difficult to determine. A picture book writer shares about half of their income with the illustrator for a rough estimate, including advance and royalties. And the advance for a children’s book is around $10,000 with no royalties issued until the advance is earned back. And a children’s book sells 5000 to 10,000 copies before going out of production in its first two years of release.

Writers also have to face many rejections before their book is accepted for publishing. With that being said, whether you’re a picture book writer or a mid-level children’s book writer, money should not be your motivation for writing.

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Our Testimonials

Very creating and insightful work, made my ramblings make sense! I loved the added details and the way my characters were brought to life. The writer was prompt in her responses and catered to all last-minute adjustments patiently. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. 100% recommended.

Joseph Boucher

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

I rarely write reviews but this goes to the Book authors hub I hired. The process, from the selection of the writer to the final submission of my book, went smooth. I` loved how he stayed engaged and concerned about my story. Thank you for giving an interpersonal touch to the story. Very quick to answer all queries. I am very satisfied with the quality of much. Way to go.

Annabell Ison

#1-ranked agent on Publishers Marketplace

This website is the best to hire a Book authors hub for any book! I hired a book Book authors hub thinking it would be a lengthy process but to my surprise, they delivered my book in no time. Great work is done! It felt as if the writer had read my mind. Wonderful. I also got my website made by them. Thank you.

Moore W.

Authors include Rachel Hollis, Tilman Fertitta, and John C Maxwell