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How to write an eBook and make money?

A free eBook is widely recognized as one of the most effective lead magnet tactics for companies of all sizes. However, selling eBooks is a viable source of revenue for authors who are trying to supplement their income. Another popular passive income source that some people prefer—especially in the wake of the pandemic—is writing eBooks for a living.

In reality, eBook sales have skyrocketed in the last few years due to the high demand for them. And growth is predicted to continue at a consistent 3.92% annual pace globally through 2028.

Paid eBooks should provide the reader with a plethora of useful information together with practical counsel, even while free eBooks still provide value to the subscriber who exchanges their email for the download. How to write an eBook and make money will be discussed in this blog, also discussing the eBook ghostwriting services as well.

The Benefits of eBooks for Passive Income

These days, one of the most sought-after kinds of money is passive income. It indicates how to write an eBook and make money with little effort on your part. Stated differently, work less and get paid more. I mean, who wouldn't want that?
Well, eBooks are a fantastic complement to any plan for earning passive money. After all of the hard work is finished, all that's left to do is keep up your marketing and sales. An eBook can theoretically sell itself once it is created, promoted, and shared.

Writing quality content requires a fair bit of work if you want to earn money from eBooks. Not to mention, developing a powerful brand that will propel your eBook to success takes time. However, if you handle everything properly, eBooks can support your income-generating efforts for a very long time. In actuality, your eBook will last longer if your content is more timeless and if you consistently update and market it.

Writing quality content requires a fair bit of work if you want to earn money from eBooks. Not to mention, developing a powerful brand that will propel your eBook to success takes time. However, if you handle everything properly, eBooks can support your income-generating efforts for a very long time. In actuality, your eBook will last longer if your content is more timeless and if you consistently update and market it.


Making these digital goods is not that difficult.

An eBook is still a far simpler digital product to generate than an online course with multiple lessons, even though it will require more labor to assemble and publish. It's possible that the majority of the material in your blog posts can serve as the basis for an eBook.

Using templates instead of beginning from scratch also greatly simplifies the process of creating eBooks. Using them also improves the likelihood that your eBook will be a success. For instance, Viseme provides pre-made multi page templates for a range of sectors and in numerous designs.

Once you have the content, assembling the eBook is rather simple. It's even simpler if you're working with a team within your organization. The utilization of collaboration tools renders eBook building a feasible and motivational endeavor.

They support the development of links.

A landing page on your website is typically required for the creation and advertising of eBooks as the initial point of lead generation. Include the landing page URL in pertinent blog posts and another website material. In the same way, you can post the landing page straight on social media and others can include your link in their material.

What is the platform for Kindle Direct Publishing?

Writers can self-publish eBooks for free through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. Aspiring writers can maintain control of their work, establish their own prices, and receive up to 70% of royalties through the KDP platform. Your eBook will be available on the Kindle store in less than 72 hours after publishing, which takes less than five minutes.

How to write an eBook for Amazon

While many people have the desire to write a book, the process itself can be intimidating. Let's examine the process of how to write an eBook for Amazon.

Identify your motive.

Decide on your objectives before you begin writing. Best-selling author Darby Rollins stresses the significance of establishing your vision and audience in a Jasper training video titled "Write and Publish your Book with AI in 7 Days."

"As you get into the book writing experience, we've found—and a lot of people experience—that it's easy to get in your head," he states. "It is fundamentally important to always be able to center yourself with your actual "why" from the beginning."

Create an eBook

When you are clear on your goal and target readership, it's time to start writing your eBook.

Prepare your ebook.

It's crucial that you format your eBook for the platform. You want your text and graphics to look good on any kind of device, be it a tablet, smartphone, Kindle, or website. When it comes to formatting your eBook, you have a few choices. You have three options: hire an expert, buy book formatting software like Atticus, or do it yourself.

When structuring your eBook, keep the following points in mind:

  • Indentations for paragraphs
  • Line distance
  • Chapter title formatting
  • Putting together a contents table
  • Put in and prepare pictures
  • Include page breaks.
  • Put links in there
  • Include footnotes
  • Add the front and rear covers.

Create a KDP account

On the KDP platform, account creation is quick and simple. Visit the Kindle Direct website. You can use an already-existing Amazon account to log in. Amazon will prompt you to establish an account if you don't already have one. You must complete your profile after logging in. To begin, click on Your Account in the top right corner. The following details are required from you:

  • 1. Kind of enterprise
  • 2. Birthdate
  • 3. Location (country or area) Phone number Address
  • 4. Payment-related banking details
  • 5. Tax data

Fill out the specifics of your Kindle eBook

Once your profile is created, you need to enter information about your eBook. How your book appears in Amazon's search results depends on the following.

Language Select the language used to write the book.

Headline and synopsis

One of the first things readers will see when they open your Kindle eBook is the title. It should have a hook and address the issue that your reader is facing. Your eBook’s subtitles should be brief and enumerate its main features. How might the reader gain from your eBook? What knowledge will the reader gain?

Number of Series and Edition

Let's say your book is an update to an earlier version or a part of a series. If so, you have the option to enter the series or edition number in this field.


Either your own name or a pen name may be used. If you collaborated with others on your book, you may also add other authors.


Consider your description to be your sales page. Your eBook’s description should include a synopsis and an explanation of "why readers would want to purchase your book." Include keywords that members of your target audience are likely to search for in your book description.

Publishing privileges

You can publish your eBook in the public domain or own the rights to it on Amazon. If you release your writing into the public domain, others are free to copy and distribute it without requesting permission.

How to write eBooks with chat GPT?

Advanced AI language models, such as chat GPT, have made the process of authoring eBooks easier and more efficient than before.
We will walk you through the process of how to write eBooks with chat GPT, which is driven by Open AI's GPT-3.5 architecture. This comprehensive guide will enable you to effectively utilize chat GPT and create an exceptional eBook, regardless of your expertise in writing, content creation, or any other related profession.

Arrange Your EBook

Prior to beginning the writing process, a well-defined outline is essential. Determine who your intended readership is, what your eBook's objective is, and a synopsis of its key subjects or chapters. A well-thought-out plan will guarantee a cogent and well-organized eBook as well as serve as a road map for your writing endeavors.

Use chat GPT to Create Content.

Chat GPT is an effective tool for content creation. Start by giving chat GPT prompts that correspond with the chapters or themes you have outlined. Ask the model questions and work through its answers together until you get the information you want. Recall that chat GPT is a creative partner, and in order to ensure precision and clarity, you must direct and assess its outputs.

Revise and Edit

Once we create the material, it's time for us to modify and polish it. Examine the text that Chat GPT produced to make sure it reflects your goals and vision. Check for consistency, style, and grammar. Reword lines, add personal reflections, or use pertinent examples to infuse your voice and knowledge into the eBook. Make the text as clear and consistent as possible.


To sum up, Hundreds of authors who had trouble self-publishing their eBooks before coming to us have benefited from our eBook ghostwriting services. These days, the eBooks produced by our incredibly talented Book writers’ hubs have led to their authors being highlighted on prominent news and lifestyle websites.

Please visit our website to learn more about how to write an eBook and make money.